Przemysław Iskrzak
Choosing the AEROPOLIS Park for the headquarter of our company was a thoroughly analysed decision. Many factors had a decisive role. The key aspect was the regional smart specialization – the aviation and space industry. In the case of our company, focused on innovative solutions for space and satellite communication industries, this factor was of particular importance. Other convincing advantages of AEROPOLIS included a perfect location and communication links (close to the A4 highway and the Jasionka Airport) and the fact that a branch of the Polish Space Agency was based in Rzeszów. When planning to implement a research project one should ensure adequate access to scientific potential. This is provided by the Rzeszów University of Technology. These aspects convinced us to locate our business and develop it in the AEROPOLIS Technology Incubator.

Our nine-month cooperation with the Incubator has been excellent. Thanks to their assistance we managed to start business relations with the Polish Space Agency and the authorities of the Rzeszów University of Technology and to discuss the possibilities of joint research and development projects.

Cooperation with AEROPOLIS results, also, in invitations for events and conferences where we can present our company and our business activities. Such meetings resulted in establishing business relations with Polish and foreign partners. Currently, we are preparing a substantial research project that will be submitted to the The National Centre for Research and Development for funding under their “Fast Track” programme. The project will be implemented in the AEROPOLIS Technology Incubator in partnership with Jasionka Airport.

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